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Welcome to Pukeko Grove and Kiwi Estate Winery

A boutique winery based in Kumeu, New Zealand, Kiwi Estate Winery produces quality fruit wines.

The fertile soils of the Kumeu district bear export quality produce, including kiwifruit, feijoa, berry fruit and citrus. Maori settlers were aware of this early on, naming a nearby district Huapai, which translates to mean ‘good fruit’. In fact, it is only good fruit which is pressed and fermented to make our Pukeko Grove label wines.

Kiwifruit, feijoa and boysenberry wines are skilfully crafted in both still and sparkling varietals. Our wines are known for unspoiled natural flavours of the derived fruit, plus their gorgeous bouquets. We’re not the only ones who regard our wines as distinctive...

2013 AWARDS  

  • Best Still White Fruit Wine – Pukeko Grove Kiwifruit. Fruit Wine and Cider Makers of New Zealand Competition
  • Bronze medals – Pukeko Grove still Feijoa, still Boysenberry
  • Bronze medals – Pukeko Grove sparkling Kiwifruit, Feijoa,  Boysenberry

2012 AWARDS 

  • Silver Medals – Pukeko Grove sparkling Kiwifruit, Feijoa
  • Bronze medals – Pukeko Grove still Kiwifruit, Feijoa, Boysenberry 

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Boysenberry still

Now you can indulge in a luscious red wine, free of heavy tannins and with low alcohol content. Bursting b...

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Feijoa still

Traditional grape vinos not your thing? Taste our exquisite and exotic ‘pineapple guava’ drop ...

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Kiwifruit still

The namesake of our estate and made from nutrient dense North Island kiwifruit, this tempting tipple is de...

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Boysenberry sparkling

A sparkling red to mark your special occasion. This delightful combination of berries and bubbles is a rea...

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